Ground Hog Day

Is every day the same for you? Are you single and desiring love in your life, yet every day you see the same types of people? Do you experience the same conversation only with different people? Do you have the same disappointing outcome each time you socialise? Are you repeatedly asking ‘where are all the good ones hiding?’. If this is you, then I encourage you to make a change.

All too often I hear this story. People telling me it isn’t them that is the problem but the lack of opportunities to meet suitable people. Yet when presented with suitable people, there is always something wrong with them. They don’t believe these people are suitable. They are looking for someone better. These same people would (if I gave them the chance) spend hours sharing a very well rehearsed story, the same story each time, that they are simply looking for an equal and cant find anyone they consider an equal. That this man or this woman is not their equal and that this person has …. (fill in the blank) wrong with them. This person is so attached and stuck in their victim story that I believe I will be hearing the same story from them in ten years time. Sadly I have already heard the same story told to me from the same people 3 or even 4 years apart. These people have wasted 4 years by being so attached to their victim story that they are continuing setting themself up to prove themself right. Their story protects them from having to look in the mirror and see what is truly there.

OK so it is hard to look in the mirror and identify something about yourself that is displeasing. It can be painful and very frightening owning something negative about yourself. Yet, this is one of the most important steps you can take to start to experience a different outcome. By looking in the mirror and considering what could be done differently, you are on your way to achieving what you have never achieved before.

It could be that you have unrealistic expectations of a fantasy person who does not exist. If you don’t change this thinking, you will be single forever (which is fine if this is what you want). It could be you need to deal with ageism where you find it difficult to be attracted to someone your own age and so desiring to meet a partner 15 or 20 years younger is making it extremely difficult to find happiness. Or you need to look at what you truly are bringing to the table in a potential relationship where you believe you are such a great prize that everyone should want to have you as a partner and yet the reality is you are not in demand. It could be that you are not projecting a warm connective energy that has others feeling safe in your company therefore blocking the chance of engaging with new and interesting people. It could be that you are projecting only a sexual energy that is not enabling you to have a heartfelt connection with another. It could be that you are feeling unlovable or unworthy and so you are demonstrating self sabotaging behaviour that proves you right and unlovable therefore denying you the chance to have a relationship. It could be that you are protecting your heart from being hurt again and so you are projecting out an arrogance and hardness that only attracts the game players to you and again denies you the chance to connect successfully with another. It could be your fear of failure that has you only see unsuitable partners to protect you from finding someone suitable and then having the relationship fail. It could be that you are seeing only those who you believe are beneath you socially as you desire a partner to validate your social success to the world. It could be that you are looking for a partner to make you feel complete when what is missing is you giving yourself the love you need to complete yourself as no-one will ever be able to complete you, only you complete you.

There are so many reasons to stop and look in the mirror. We all have so much to learn about our self and it is often through relationships or lack of relationships that we learn the most valuable and helpful stuff to make us happy. Start by being brave and being honest with yourself. If you cant own your own stuff then any relationship you have is going to be one that is destined to have a lot of problems in it.

Be brave, look at the person in the mirror. Own what is potentially not working for you. Take the time to reframe your thinking. Step into the now realising that the past is the past and does not need to be the future. If you change your thinking, you change your energy. If you change your energy your change how the world sees you. If you change how the world sees you, you change what is attracted to you. If you change what is attracted to you, you get a different result. Bingo! It’s no longer ground hog day.

Enjoy this day as the unique moment it is. Make the change to enable you to create the day your desire. One that is different from yesterday.

Yours in love

Jane, Social 8 Adelaide


Let it go! An excerpt from Jane’s book, ‘Thoughts on love, life and all that Jazz

So someone is annoying you? Or someone is making you feel less than your best? Or someone is intimidating you? Or someone is manipulating you? Or someone is making you feel angry? Just let it go.

This simple tool can be difficult to master however when it is put into practice, really is so very freeing. What if you told your mind to let it go each time a negative thought came into your consciousness? What if you really did just let go of that thought process? By removing the awareness of that thought you are reducing the power of that person to have this emotional hold over you.

As I was reminded last night, it really is that simple. By just letting it go, you are placing yourself instantly in a happier place. Start by becoming aware of your thoughts regarding this particular person or situation. Each time you are aware of the thought, say ‘let it go’. Then focus your thoughts on something else. Preferably something that brings you joy. It could be simply the sensation of having this problem not in your mind that makes you feel free. Or it could be by focusing on a favourite person or place or situation that brings you joy. The very next time the same thought pops into your mind, do the same thing, say again to yourself ‘let it go’. Keep going until the thought is no longer popping into your mind. You may need to do it 3 or 4 times or even 20 or 30 times. It doesn’t matter how often you need to do it, with practice it will become less often. And each time, the result is instant. You will be feeling slightly better. And that’s a great very fast result.

Have a play with this tool today. Each of us is faced with negative thought processes each day so take the time to let it go. Give this tool a test and if you wish, please share with us how it went for you today.

To download instantly the book ‘Thoughts on love, life and all that jazz’, visit

 Yours in love

Jane, Social 8 Adelaide

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Second Chances

The old saying ‘you wont get a second chance’ is so often not accurate. When a situation arises that has an opportunity ending perhaps for some prematurely, it can appear that you have ‘blown it’. Yet time and time again, a similar opportunity presents itself giving you the opportunity to see if you have grown and how the opportunity will be taken this time. Second chances are exciting. They give a valuable opportunity to see if you can do it different, better, with more love this time around.

Facing your fear is important with second opportunities. It is a valuable time to look at what could be done better. Hopefully if enough time has past, you will have acknowledged the gift from the situation the first time so you can embrace this gift. By doing so will step you into your authentic power enabling you to be the person you perhaps wanted to be the first time around. A second opportunity is a time to look at and acknowledge how different you are today from last time. It is realising that while the opportunity may appear similar, everyone and thing involved is actually different which really means that the outcome is highly likely to be different this time around. No two situations are identical yet the desired opportunity and outcome can be the same.

By realising that each opportunity is a fresh and new opportunity and by not placing the expectation of past fears or failures onto this opportunity will help you go a long way to obtaining a different result. Hopefully one that pleases you and brings you great joy and happiness. Watch for the ego remembering the past hurt or pain from the past situation. Your ego will be quick to protect you from repeating this hurt and may attempt to sabotage your chances of success this time around. That little voice in your head or the automatic reactions that are coming from the past memory of this similar situation need to be addressed to ensure you don’t experience the same outcome.

If you find the voice in your head undermining your sense of self worth at this time write a list of how you are different now. Remind yourself of the skills and experience you have since acquired that place you in a different position in the now. Or if you find the memory of the past painful, take one final visit down memory lane to look at why it is still hurting. Search hard for the gift in the learning that perhaps you have yet to embrace. It could be that the past gift was one of neediness that now has been removed and replaced with wholeness. Or it could be one of pleasing others which has been replaced now with pleasing yourself. Or it could be one of deserving which has been replaced with desiring. Or it could be one of validation which has been replaced with completeness. There are so many gifts to be found in each and every situation. Once you embrace the learning, the gift, you are well on your way to experiencing a whole different scenario this time around.

Grab every second chance you get (yes the third and the forth chance come too) knowing that you are a different person in a different situation that is reflecting some past experience to you and giving you a welcome and valuable chance to embrace life and all it has to offer. And let’s face it, if your worst fear does play out, the fear of being hurt again or not succeeding to your expectations, learn from it, grab the gift and feel confident that a third or fourth chance will come along again. And the next time, you once again can work on growing knowing the experience is a unique one that is just for you to experience in the now.

Grow in confidence and achieve all that your heart desires.

yours in love, Jane, Social 8 Adelaide

How much does being right cost you?

Around 5 or 6 years ago I met a man who was going through a bitter divorce. Both he and his wife were hurting lots. Many hurtful words and accusations had been hurled at each other which caused each to become childlike in their desire to hurt the other more. They also both started to dig their heals in to prove the other wrong and them right.

I advised this man to look at the personal cost this potential long battle in court over the divorce settlement would cost him. At the time this man was a very financially wealthy man owning properties in Europe and Australia. He was bitter, angry, hurt and determined to not give his then wife one single cent more than he had to. I cautioned him that I could potentially see this attitude as one that would result in it being mirrored from his ex wife. This in turn would result in a very long drawn out battle in the courts that could cost him thousands of dollars. I also more importantly cautioned him that this battle could take a personal toll on his health and happiness. I felt if he stayed in the courts a long time, he would not be emotionally open to meeting someone new in his life. I also suggested that he would be forced each day to give his focus, his  attention and his thoughts and emotions to the on-going court battle which would prevent him from focusing on other more important, happy things in his life.

Sadly this man dug his heals in and now some 5 or 6 years later, he is still fighting his ex wife in the courts. He has lost not the predicted thousands of dollars but has actually lost millions of dollars. Even more sad has been the personal cost to him. He is still trying to prove himself right. His conversations are negative, bitter, angry and have a sense of hopelessness about life and he has lost 5 or 6 years of happiness, joy and opportunities to be living life differently.

Being right can be a childish desire to prove to yourself (and really no-one else) that you are worthy. There are other ways to prove this to yourself that are not as destructive. The desire for us to be happy is one of the main motivators in life. Choosing to be right or choosing to be happy is a simple choice that when you become consciously aware of, gives you the power in each moment to let go of what isn’t important to you and give you the ability to choose happiness.

What could you be choosing differently today? Do you want to be right that your boss is an idiot? Or could you let that go and make peace with your employer? Do you want to be right that your partner does less housework than you and so you argue about the unfairness each day? Or could you let this go and look at how you could get someone to come in and help you to ease your share of the duties. Do you want to be right by proving to everyone that your so called friend is really the enemy? Or could you just let it go and give your focus to the positive people around you? Do you want to be right that your child makes your life hell because they never do what you say? Or could you change this story to be one that is about how much joy your child brings to your life and how they are learning more and growing each and every day?

Look closely at what you have been determined to be right about. Ask yourself, how important is it that i am right? Could I let this go? Could I give it a new story? Could I be choosing to focus on something different? Could I imagine a different more peaceful and loving outcome? By choosing your agenda, to be right or to be happy, you shall get what you desire each and every time.

 Have a divine day

yours in love, Jane, Social 8 Adelaide

Something bugging you?

We all have moments where something bothers us more than at other times. It could be the actions of another, an old fear coming up to play, having to face the unexpected or any number of things. When something bothers you ask yourself if it is possible to detach from it. From the situation or the outcome of the fear of the future. Could you simply just let it go?

All suffering comes from attachment: “if only….he/she loved me….I had more money…i looked different….my family were another way….i had gone to school….i received more approval…..i got what i wanted.” (excerpt from Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose)

Detachment is a very powerful tool to instantly make yourself feel better. Try it simply by acknowledging the thought process you are having, then out loud say the word ‘detach’. The chances are just by saying this word you will feel a whole lot better. If the same thought process creeps in again, then repeat the action ‘detach’.

So often we are attached to things or moments or situations that we do not need to be attached to. This is a habit that has formed and can be broken. Examine if you really need to care about the situation? Could you detach from the situation? And does it feel better?

Another way to feel how attached you are to objects, situations and moments is by holding a physical object just as a rock or shoe.  Hold onto it as tightly as you can. Then let go of it. Feel the feeling of detachment? It is so freeing. Now do the same thing with your thoughts. Detach. It is freedom made so easy.

Have a divine day detaching and enjoying the resulting peace

Yours in love, Jane, Social 8 Adelaide

The journey of someone who has been widowed

One of the saddest and hardest journeys I see is that of the young person who has been widowed. I meet people often who have unexpectedly found themself single through the passing of a partner. Not only are they facing the grief of losing someone they dearly love, they are also left with the unexpected realisation that they are now walking their time on earth as a single person.

The thought of meeting new people without their life partner next to them is painful and difficult. The social invitations from friends often to dinners are met with that empty seat once occupied by their loved partner. And the emptiness of home life once full of co-habitation is painful and lonely. So the desire to perhaps consider meeting someone starts to be born. The desire to meet new people who will meet them as they are today and while beautiful friends are well meaning, these new potential friends wont be asking ‘how are you going’ every time they see you. So a fresh beginning seems ever so gently desirable.

And so I meet these beautiful people who have lived a much more challenging life than they had hoped for. And for these gentle souls it is baby steps. Baby steps to present themself to other single people. Baby steps to hold their energy at a social gathering without their partner. And baby steps engaging in conversations that are based in the now, not the past. So they start to leave their loved one now and this is mixed with both sadness and a tiny bit of hope for a better tomorrow. For them it is always bitter sweet.

For those in this situation, the thought of simply socialising again as a single person is enough without the visualising or thoughts of even being in the presence of someone of the opposite gender that isn’t their wife or husband. The thoughts of kissing another man or women brings them to tears. And yet the desire to connect with another, the desire to be loved physically and emotionally again, the desire to love and care for another helps those in this situation to be some of the bravest people I have ever met in this world.

It is my privilege to be helping people in this situation to attend our dinners. I understand the fear of bursting into tears upon seeing strangers at an event is real for them. At any given moment, it all could be just too much to bare and yet bare it they do. I honour those of you in this situation. You are brave and heart centred beautiful people who are so deserving of someone special coming into your life.

If you are single and potentially dating a widowed person, please give them all the love, kindness and support you can. Stay in your adult power to support them as they make this difficult transition in life. And I guarantee you, what you give them will be returned to you ten times over in kindness, warmth, and genuine appreciation.

Our loved ones never really leave us. They have the ability to be with us more than ever when they are on the other side. Yet the pain of losing physical contact is so gut wrenching. Yet the desire to engage in love is always with us. I wish those of you in this situation my heartfelt best wishes and support in your journey. May each of you find the peace and love your desire and the support and compassion from all whose paths you cross.

And to those of you with partners here in this physical world, take a moment to share your love for them right here in the now. None of us every knows what tomorrow shall bring.

Yours in love

 Jane, Social 8 Adelaide

Women supporting women

Women can be your best friends or your worst enemy. When you feel secure with a female friend it can help make your life complete. That special girl who you can share you best and your worst with. That person who understands you and doesn’t judge you when times are challenging. Yet what about the woman who undermines your sense of self worth. The one who will use passive aggressive ways to secretly undermined your success?

Sadly recently I was involved in a situation that showed a wonderful woman to be a very insecure unloved little girl. Her manipulative behaviour deliberately caused great pain for another woman who she was posing as a ‘friend’. The damage she initially caused her so called friend was deep. Not only had she deliberately tried to sabotage her friends chances of success in love and happiness but she also caused her friend the pain of being rejected as a true friend.

Most of us as women have been on the receiving end of female aggression. Many of us have also been the perpetrator of such behaviour. So why do women do this? I believe it is the little girl inside each of us who from time to time can feel very unlovable. Who can feel very ugly (both inside and out). And who lastly can feel unworthy and fearful. When fear plays out in your imagination, it can cause all sorts of destructive behaviour. And at the end of the day, no-one wins. The perpetrator feels bad. The victim is hurt and the result are two women who are disconnected from their higher self.

To overcome the temptation to manipulate or fall into aggressive behaviour, own your feelings. If another woman is making ‘you feel less than your best’ then look at this situation and see if this is something that has occurred other times in the past. Chances are it has. When you feel threatened, or fearful or invisible or invalidated, look at what you could be telling yourself that is a different story. Perhaps you are feeling that this woman believes you are not as good as she is? Then shut down that little voice in your head that tells you this by telling yourself a different story. That you are as good as her. That it is her problem that she behaves this way and is not at all about you.

Perhaps you are feeling that she is a threat to your success. Again this is that little voice telling your that your not as good as she is. Tell yourself differently. As an adult you know deep down you are as good. That you are worthy of whatever your heart desires. Shut that voice down by simply saying the words ‘stop’. Refocus on a positive outcome and stick firmly to this new vision, this new story. Focus on the successful connection that you are desiring and give compassion to the woman who is behaving as a little child. Understand she too has her demons. Her own little voice playing out this drama. Be the one to stop this nonsense. Be the one to come from adult and show kindness and love to this little girl inside her.

By doing this you rise above the childish behaviour. It will take some discipline to master however each time you do this you will start to feel better about you. And you is all that is really important at this moment. How you feel is controlled by your thoughts. How you react or don’t react is your choice. And at the end of the day, how you feel is what brings you happiness.

Once you place yourself in this place of alignment with your higher self, you are then able to see each situation for what it is. Two women, each with little girl voices in their heads trying to be seen, trying to be heard, trying to be loved. Love yourself first. then share the love with compassion and understanding to other women around you.

Have a divine day

Yours in love,  Jane, Social 8 Adelaide