Dating tips

Here are some dating tips I have shared with clients in the last few days. I hope you find them useful!

Create healthy boundaries for yourself. If you are newly single after a long term relationship, put the brakes on having intimate relationships. Recognise you are vulnerable at this time to receiving love from the first person you meet who most likely will not be a healthy choice for a long term successful relationship…. Instead give yourself permission to have fun without vulnerability. Date all who you desire however dont step into intimacy too soon.

To conquer a fear is the beginning of wisdom. Fear is felt often in relationships and when dating. Face your fears, confront them, tackle them, conquer them and reap the rewards!
‎’People lie on average three times in the first ten minutes when trying to get to know each other’. Dr. Phil. If you want an honest partner, be honest. Be impeccable with your word always

Are you screening potential dates so harshly that no-one can get to you? Be clever in your screening. Screen only those who don’t demonstrate the true qualities you are desiring. And if they do demonstrate them, then give them a chance

When newly single, it is great to get out and start to socialise again, however be cautious of dating too soon. Many fall into another long term relationship soon after ending the last one and often with someone who is the complete opposite of their past partner. This is the cleansing relationship.

If you desire a special partner in your life, make the space for them to come into it. Being busy, busy, busy, can easily put off a potential new partner by believing you won’t have time for them.

Dating someone new? A few tips: stay on neutral topics (no sex, politics, religion, money & exes). Men: keep it light, fun, cheeky even. Don’t go serious to impress her. Fun WILL work for you! Women: Go for warmth, warmth, warmth, he knows you’re smart & successful so don’t prove it to them. Let down that hard protecti…ve coating. Stop protecting yourself through this hard layer which is impenetrable for men.HAVE FUN

There are no guarantees in relationships. If you have met someone terrific and in the early stages of dating, don’t seek a reassurance of the future from this person, no matter how into them you are. Enjoy it for what it is for now, one step at a time!

Enjoy your day today bringing into your life that which your heart desires.
Yours in love,
Jane, Social 8 Adelaide


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